About me

Born in Monterrico, Lima, Perú on August 18th of 1992. I really love to take photos and desing. I’m in my last year of university, I also studied graphic design at IPADand I’ve taken a few photography classes at Centro de Imagen. In my free time I dance ballet at Lucy Telge’s Studio and try to remember how to play de guitar. Other thing I love to do is take pictures of everything could inspire me, sometimes I go out to take pictures with mi Canon camera in order to make bigger my portfolio.

I started as a freelance. I’ve taken pictures for Christian Ysla, for all Oxus stores, I’ve designed forLindley (flyers for inside communications). I’ve worked inYo Conciertos Magazine taking photos in social events, concerts, press conferences and also helping with the design of the magazine. About my last work, I worked at Lima University in the photographic and graphic area of communications faculty.

Right now I work as a freelance taking photos in social evens, making photobooks, I also design logos, banners and flyers. I’m finishing my career and starting to make more projects.